Friday, 13 August 2060

Welcome to my Wildlife World

Welcome to My Wildlife World
Where my Dream is all Animals are free to live there life as Nature and God intended them to,It breaks my heart to see the horror in every corner of the world and one day all the humans that cause torture and suffering will pay either in this life or the next.feel free to add your comments.


Thursday, 8 November 2018

Sick and twisted

This nine year old boy killed a trophy Cheetah in Namibia. Was this hunt even legal? The plunder of Africa's wildlife continues, now even at the hands of children. No words. 007 😔😒

Please for the protection of our page, no threats against the child. A victim of appalling parenting, and Facebook will ban us and you. Thanks

Expose Trophy Hunting.

Some guy actually designed this ‘chair’, and paid $$ for it to be made. Obviously he wants to sit on his oversized arse, and stroke the head’s of the animals he killed. The ego, lack of respect, and the hubris of this scumbag are off the charts. Sid😒